Hats & Labels

Get yourself involved with the hat and discover its diversity and charm! The hat is a true all-rounder. It protects against sun, rain and cold and bestows every look that special something. In our fast-moving times, it radiates authentic charm and underlines the individuality and character of the wearer. Its versatile expressive possibilities are almost limitless! The hat has a long, traditional history and there are many reasons to wear it on your head.

In order to guarantee you a comprehensive range of headgear, we supplement our own production with hats and caps from family-run, European manufacturers, with whom we have longstanding friendships.

Grevi, Inverni, Marzi, Guerra1855

Mayser, Stetson Europe


Accessories such as silk scarves by A piece of chic from France and Paschminas from Sofi in Lucerne enrich the exquisite range of hats. Hat boxes from the Netherlands and hat cases from Italy are available so that you can easily transport your treasures and store them at home.