Hat Etiquette

  • Women wear broad-brimmed hats during the day and keep wearing them in a restaurant. In the evening such headwear is rather out of place.
  • Edgeless shapes like Bibi, Toque, Pillbox, Turban or hairbands fit to the evening wardrobe as well as to the daywear.
  • Artistic hairstyle or a hair- or headpiece is ideal with long, very festive dresses.
  • Generally, women keep wearing their headwear everywhere, however this is not a must.
  • Men, on the other hand, take off their headgear when entering.
  • Classic men’s hats look just as good with a suit as with a sporty leather jacket. Caps look just as good, depending on the finish, material and cut.
  • A top hat always fits to tailcoat and cut. A dinner jacket or tuxedo is worn without a headwear.