The location and production site of the hat shop are in a prime location in the heart of the city of Lucerne. The combination of the historic village at the foot of the Hofkirche on nearby Lake Lucerne with traditional millinery has a great charisma. The clientele is local, regional, national and international.

The hat shop is fascinating. Everyone takes a look into the inviting shop windows as they walk by: hats and caps of all colours, drawers with ribbons, flowers, feathers, buttons, older and newer (sewing) machines, hat boxes, wooden heads and those made of aluminium in all sizes delight and inspire the eye and mind: Wonderland – workshop and salesroom!

At the back is the world of hat making – fabrics, felts, a wide variety of wickerwork and countless wooden hat shapes. Cutting, mounting, fixing, shaping, brushed, steamed, ironed and conjured up on wooden moulds. We love to process rarities from past times, to create something new and to carefully freshen up favourite pieces. We use high-quality materials throughout, because you can enjoy your headwear for a long time.

The foundation of our work is stylistically confident, sensitive advice, knowledge of human nature, diverse experience with materials, well-founded expertise in the field of hatmaking, creative creativity and mastery of traditional craftsmanship. The expertise acquired over many years, traditional and contemporary production methods and Caroline Felber’s fine sense of aesthetics give everything its unique, unmistakable touch.

He who works with his hands is a worker.
He who works with his hands and head is a craftsman.
Who works with the hands, the head and the heart is an artist.

St. Francis of Assisi