Team spirit, respectful interaction and open communication are important to us. The same applies to identifying and developing the talents of our employees. We pass on our expertise and support the development of individual skills. The prerequisites for working in millinerys are a love of craftsmanship, enthusiasm for the hat, willingness to learn, curiosity, flexibility and mutual trust.

Caroline Felber

Milliner, Entrepreneur, Owner

In April 1982 I started my apprenticeship as a milliner and have remained true to this wonderful profession. Fascinated by the abundance of different working materials and interested in the history of this typical women’s and daughters' profession, my enthusiasm for hats was aroused again and again. Working with the history and symbolism of headwear has supported and developed my creative inspiration for millinery. In my many years of work as a milliner, trainer, lecturer, course leader, entrepreneur, exhibition organizer and not least in the work of the association, I have established an excellent local and international network. Over the past 35 years I have created a wide variety of headwear for everyday use and for a wide variety of occasions. In the process, my skills expanded and deepened both in the trade and in advising customers.

Jacqueline Infanger

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Jacky Schwinning

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Vero Holzer

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Rilana Epp

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