Consulting is an essential part of our work. We know what to look out for when buying a hat and advise you, depending on the occasion, to match your clothing, shape of your head, face and overall appearance. The competent advice of our team will surely lead you to the headwear with which you feel protected and fashionable.

Our services around hats and how to wear them are comprehensive and unique. There are few places that still convey this knowledge, and even few in the world that can provide all these services. Exclusive new designs according to your wishes and ideas belong to our offer as well as adapting hats to your size, new trimmings, refreshing older hats made of felt, straw or fur, cleaning and shaping as well as restoring your favourite piece. These offers apply to all hats, including those purchased elsewhere. There are many exciting questions about hats and headwear! Please contact us personally or by e-mail, you will immediately receive interesting answers.
We sell fabrics from our unique stock and offer an immense assortment of beads and sequins as well as a wide variety of trim materials. Let yourself be inspired.

You are looking in vain for web shopping with us. We are of the opinion that a hat, a cap must be tried on and the overall appearance must be considered. A hat achieves a different effect on every head, on every person. Come and see us – it is so much fun to see the different flair our models have!

For us, quality basically means working with a high degree of professionalism and on time. For all our products and services, the use of excellent materials and transparency in production and work processes are a matter of course. You receive sustainable and long-lasting products.

The infrastructure of hat making inspires our customers as much as it inspires us. We work with modern equipment as well as with traditional machines and techniques and invest continuously in their maintenance and further development. The joy of working in this unique and unmistakable ambience is transferred to the whole environment.